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Ensure your septic system is thoroughly cleaned by taking advantage of our septic service in Danbury, CT. At PJ’s PortaJohns and Septic Services, we have the experience and equipment needed to clear out your septic tank, ensuring that you do not have to worry about blockages or backups. Our team also has experience cleaning out grease traps, ensuring that your kitchen’s drainage system flows properly. Contact us to learn more about our cleaning services and to let our team flush away all the grease and build up in your septic system.

Portable Washrooms Available

In addition to our septic cleaning solutions, we also offer a number of portable restroom rentals. Whether you are hosting an outdoor concert or managing a construction site, our PortaJohns are the perfect solution for all your washroom needs. Our standard models feature both a toilet and urinal, while our deluxe models offer full-flush systems and hand sinks. We also provide external portable hand washing stations for your guests to clean up after they are done. To learn more about our mobile washroom equipment or to schedule our services for your next event, reach out to our office.

(475) 289-6749

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