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Thorough Septic Tank Service in Danbury, CT

A septic system is a vital part of the infrastructure of a home or business. It plays a key role in safely disposing of waste while also protecting the property at the same time. A system that is not operating as it should may be blocked and then overflow, thus posing a serious risk of groundwater contamination from the release of sewage.

One of the most effective ways to keep your system operating as it should is by scheduling routine septic tank service in Danbury, CT. At PJ's PortaJohns & Septic Service, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to clean any residential or commercial tank thoroughly.

When you depend on us for regular septic service, we’ll work with you to create a schedule that is based on the size of the tank and the amount of use it receives. A household tank for a small family may only need a cleaning every three years or maybe even more, while a commercial tank may require annual service.

Similarly, our septic tank cleaners also provide our services to motorhome owners as well by providing RV waste tank pump-out service, and we even can take care of waste removal from boats as well.