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Cleaning Every Inch of Grease Traps & Septic Tanks

Wastewater containing various amounts of grease and oils comes from sinks, garbage disposals, and floor drains. Grease passes through drainpipes leading to the grease trap, which slows the flow of water and allows grease to cool. Once cooled, grease rises to the top of the trap, because it is lighter than water. A large percentage of grease and oils then builds up in the grease trap and needs removing.

PJ's PortaJohns and Septic Service in Danbury, Connecticut, offers grease trap cleaning with same-day emergency service available. We know how important grease traps are for maintaining your kitchen's drainage system.

Compact Equipment Utilized

Every grease trap needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Warning signs include drains running slow and backups gurgling inside pipes. The length of time between cleanings varies based on the type of service your establishment has and size of the trap. Our grease remover is portable and unobtrusive. We also clean traps during operating hours if necessary.

Grease Traps Cleaned Regularly Will:

• Prevent Blockage in Drain Pipes
• Keep Odors at a Minimum
• Inhibit Grease & Rancid Oils from Emulsifying

Additional Services:

• Residential & Commercial Septic Tank Cleaning
• RV Waste Tank Pump-Out
• Boat Waste Removal